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Evgeni. Composer, arranger and producer.I found love of music long ago and it was to my own surprise me. The fact that In the days of the Iron Curtain, the amount of good music all directions was limited. And the kind of music I did not like. But I remember the first time, as a teenager heard music from different countries on the radio on medium and short waves and marveled at the richness and variety of what hide from us bad Soviet uncles and aunts.

Later, the game in the different groups. We played everything with the guitar, drums and simple keyboards. These were The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Blondie, Foreigner... First time naturally imitated and copied for themselves. Sometimes we played at weddings and parties.
A later began writing...Александр и Евгений. Начало творческого дуэта

Starting to appear the first melody and lyrics...


Я посещаю
Курсы экстрасенсов
И обещаю
Экзамен сдать на пять
Свои познаю
Скрытые возможности
Себя узнаю
Что же могу я?

Душевный покой обрету я когда
Стану сильным и непобедимым.

Слушать на ретро странице (скоро)
A psychic.

I visit
courses psychics
And promise
Pass the exam at five
peep into the depths
hidden possibilities
I want know yourself
What do can I?

I shall find peace of mind when
I will be a strong and invincible.

To be continued...